Get a scale because we are using grams!

So I have got some good feed back on the release of the page. Some people get you on some spell check shit and some people say " it looks great." The one complaint that I thought would need a written response is why I'm weighing everything out in grams. 

The reason everything is weighed out in grams is because that's the closest measurement you can get to weighing every ingredient out as close to accurate as possible. What's one shallot, or 3 large eggs. Tell me what a bundle of parsley is. If you need a heaping cup compared to a cup. And I know for sure some people are going to be using liquid measuring cups for dry ingredients. This changes all of that just by weighing your ingredients. So lets get a digital scale in your kitchen so we can make accurate great dishes.

This is especially important when baking. Baking is so precise and delicate, that this extra effort to weigh out in grams can change the whole dish. Your pies and cakes will come out better, you know exactly how much butter to use. You are also able to narrow your vinegar and sugar down to the gram in vinaigrettes, and you don't need to guess what a 1 tablespoon plus one teaspoon is.

Weighing your ingredients out to the gram will not only make the recipe better, but will make you better as a Chef or home cook. Your more dialed in with this procedure and so much more consistent.  Consistency is key when making food, especially at a restaurant level. So do your self a favor and go get a digital fucking scale, because the recipes on this page will remain in grams and you will remain weighing your recipes out one heaping cup to many.


Sean MunshawComment